Jan 08

Centrale adresabile inteligente

The IQ8Control M is an upgrade panel of FACP 8000M, stands out with its extremely high processing speed. Decentralised control and monitoring function can be realised on the analog loop as well as on the spur.

The loop operation type of the panel (powered-loop or non-powered-loop) can be selected via a jumper located on the power supply card.

Depending on which loop operation type has been selected, the respective analog module / modules should be used.

Max. five micromodules, with peripheral module Part No. 772477, up to five esserbus analog loop modules (system supports up to 635 digital loop addresses in total)

Max. seven micromodules, with extension module Part No. 772476, up to seven esserbus analog loop modules (system supports up to 889 digital loop addresses in total)

Short circuit and open circuit tolerant loop operation

Loop installation with I-Y(ST)Y 0.8 mm cable for a maximum length of 3.5 km

Up to 127 esserbus devices (fire detectors and/or manual call points)/detector zones per loop

Up to 32 esserbus transponders per loop/operation of wireless components (see chapter 10)

Operation types TM and PM as per DIN VDE 0833 – 2 to avoid unwanted alarms being triggered

Fire brigade operating panel and transmission interface on the peripheral module

Three common relays, freely programmable, monitored, floating for up to 30 V DC/1A (on the peripheral module)

TTY or RS 485 or RS 232 interface

Integration in the short circuit and open circuit resistant essernet network with up to 31 fire detection panels depends on transmission rate

Connection to graphical supervisor WINMAG via serial essernet interface (SEI)

Operating panel with alphanumerical display

Large LCD display with 8 rows x 40 characters

Event memory for up to 10,000 events

All Systems 8000 micromodules are compatible

Printer interface for internal printer

Two batteries with monitoring circuit

Monitored input for external power supply unit

Additional features for powered loop

Max. 6 analog powered loops and expandable up to 127 loop devices (per loop) in mixed mode / loop powered and non-loop powered (system supports up to 762 digital loop addresses in total)

esserbus PLus (Powered Loop) supplied, synchronously controlled, acoustic alarm signaling devices as per DIN EN 54 – 3 with alarm tone as per DIN 33404

Up to 48 powered loop base sounders (series 9200) per loop

Up to 32 powered loop IQ8Alarm per loop

Up to 48 IQ8Quad with alarm device per loop