Jan 08

Detectori de fum adresabili

In addition to smoke detection a optical smoke sensor, the detector is provided with a built-in alarm signaling device. It is provided with an integrated isolator.

Alarm signaling

The alarm signaling device is activated by the control panel. No further short address needs to be allocated. It is programmed with tools 8000 as of software version 1.05.

Alarm tone / speech message programming (depending on type)

For detectors with speech message and / or alarm tone function with up to five language options, up to 4 signals can be programmed. Two signals are reserved for alarm signaling and evacuation in the case of fire. Two further signals can be programmed for other events. Each signal can consist of up to four signal components, enabling one signal to be programmed as a DIN tone combined with subsequent speech messages in three different languages.

Alarm tones can be chosen from a table with various tone types. For application in schools, a break signal to signify the breaks between class can be activated.

When the basic setting is selected, signals / signal components can be continuously repeated until the signaling function is interrupted by the control panel. They can also be programmed with a repetition rate of one to three times. Thus, the break signal in schools can be deliberately set to only one repetition. In the same way, the total signal can be set to continuous repetition, with the DIN tone being played only once while subsequent speech messages are played up to three times.

Sound pressure programming

The sound level [dB(A)] can be set to eight levels, from approximately 64dB (A) to approximately 92dB (A).


The reliable sensor principle for consistent response performance at the highest level of security against false alarms


Loop powered – no need for external power supply

Individual control of the sounder

Tones can be used for other purposes in addition to warning of fire, making the device ideal for use in schools (school bell) etc.

Soft start option, ideal for hospitals and nursing homes

No additional short address

Automatic synchronization of various IQ8Quad alarm signaling devices

Maximum sound level: 92 dB (A) at 1 m

Maximum sound pressure can be set

Multiple signal components can be combined to one signal template

Signal template and repetition rates can be set

Up to 26 different languages are available

20 different signal tones, incl. DIN-tone

Low power consumption