Jan 08

Sirene adresabile

Addressable, completely bus supplied and short circuit / open circuit resilient alarm signaling device for optical alarm signaling. Its flat and unobtrusive design enables optimum adaptation to the environments.

Completely bus supplied alarm device

Powered loop compatible

Low power consumption

5 different signaling device types – acoustic – optical- acoustic / optical- acoustic / optical- acoustic / optical / speech

Multilingual speech alarm in 5 different languages

Alarm signaling, evacuation, and test alarm can each be programmed in different languages

Up to 32 alarm devices for each powered loop

Each alarm device has built-in isolator

Individual control of the sounder and beacon

Tones can be used for other purposes in addition to warning of fire, making the device ideal for use in schools etc.

Soft start option, ideal for hospitals and nursing homes

Acoustic alarm signaling:

Acoustic pressure up to 99 dB(A) @ 1 m

Volume programmable in 8 steps via tools 8000

Up to 26 different languages are available

20 different signaling tones, including DIN tone

Speech alarm, 5 pre-programmed alarm texts and other country-typical alarm signals

Optical alarm signaling:

Flash intensity equivalent to 3W Xenon flash light

Light intensity: max. 3.87 cd effective, max. 24 cd peak